What is a Treasure Hunt in a Box®?                                 

  • It's a complete treasure hunt kit for kids age 8 and up.
  • It's a fabulous idea for a birthday party.
  • It's an economical party game for 6-15 children.
  • It's fast and easy for a parent to set up.
A Treasure Hunt in a Box® is a fabulous gift, not just for the child that is going to have a birthday, but also for the parents who are trying to come up with a fun idea for their kid's birthday party. Sure, watching a movie at a birthday party or playing a video game at a slumber party is fun, but it's the usual dose of electronic entertainment that we consume on a daily basis.

We offer something different, something that your child's friends didn't do at their birthday parties. We offer a low tech, participatory group game that is not a board game. We offer a complete, ready-to-go treasure hunt.

You may have thought of a treasure hunt yourself, or your child may have requested one for his or her birthday — after all, treasure hunts are very popular at birthday parties and slumber parties — but you may have dreaded the idea of putting together a treasure hunt yourself because creating a treasure hunt is very time consuming and labor intensive. Besides, envisioning the flow of a treasure hunt and thinking up clues may not be your thing.

But it is certainly ours! So we developed our Treasure Hunt in a Box®, which is a unique, colorful, enchanting and entertaining treasure hunt game that is fun for the kids to play and easy for a parent to set up. Yes, easy for a parent to set up!


We want to emphasize that this is a treasure hunt, not a scavenger hunt. A treasure hunt involves reading, writing, and reasoning, not just looking for hidden items, as is the case in a scavenger hunt (e.g. Easter egg hunt).

Please check the FAQ section for details. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Treasure Hunt in a Box is designed in a way that makes sure all players are winners. Cooperation among the teams is essential since the last two clues can only be solved if the three teams work together. More details about the clues can be found on our clues page.

Wow! Thanks so much for your WONDERFUL treasure hunt! It really saved the day at our twin daughters' birthday party -- eight girls who didn't know each other were all great friends by the time it was over. We loved how intelligently the hunt was structured, and how everything "magically" all fit together in the end, with all the teams having to come together to unlock the treasure. Great puzzles and hidden surprises! So much better than anything I could have come up with. Great treasure, too!
Juliet B., Berkeley, California

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